About Us

A.I. Dental Supply is a Health Canada registered dental supply company that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and simplify the process of ordering dental supplies. A.I was created with the idea of giving customers an option to better control their inventory in hopes of seeing an increase in efficiency through time and cost savings. 

A.I. is a one stop shop for dental supplies in Canada. Products available range from common household brands to imported products that are exclusive to us. We have curated products that we believe are the highest quality in their price range and eliminate the need to sort through a vast number of brands, simplifying your supplies ordering.

In addition to dental practices, our clients include other dental supply distributors. We work with manufacturers outside of Canada to bring in their products, gain registration and distribute throughout the country. A.I. Dental Supply's research and development team curates products from manufacturers, tests them locally and handles all of the logistics required to import.

We believe in...

1. A simplified approach

2. Automation to reduce the need to rely on people for manual ordering, resulting in more accurate and efficient buying

3. Curated products that allow offices to make faster and more confident purchases