A.I. Dental Supply automates the reordering of dental supplies.

Why automate ordering?

  • Automation is more efficient, predictable and reliable.
    • It requires very little human intervention. Staff costs are typically the highest expense in a dental clinic, automation reduces them.
    • You know exactly what your upcoming orders include and when they will be placed.
    • Technology doesn't get sick, take days off or forget to do things like people do.
    • It is frustrating for clinicians when they do not have the necessary supplies to complete procedures.

    Why not just get one of my staff to order my supplies like I always have?

    • People make mistakes
    • Staff are costly. By automating the reordering, they can focus on revenue generating procedures.
    • Many offices have the lowest paid, least educated person purchasing their supplies, resulting in more errors and overspending.

    How does it work?

    • A.I. Dental Supply determines which products you use and how often they need to be reordered.
    • Then, our technology sets up recurring orders based on the amount of product you need on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
    • Following this, orders are automatically placed and fulfilled by our technology.
    • Then, you receive your supplies on a regular basis.

    What if I get the wrong amount of product?

    • Reordering quantities can be viewed and altered on an ongoing basis.
    • Your orders are based off of your practice information (size, number of dentists, type of dentistry you perform, etc.) and past purchases (through A.I. or other suppliers).
    • You can still manually order items if you needed.

    What if the technology makes a mistake on one of my orders?

    • Technology makes fewer mistakes than people do. 
    • We will rectify the mistake, return or replace the item as needed in a timely fashion.

    Where do I start?

    • Contact us and inform our team that you are interested in automating the ordering of supplies, we will handle the rest.