Things You Should Know

Automation: A.I. Dental Supply is currently investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning that helps to eliminate the need for manually ordering of supplies. Humans make mistakes and staff costs are high, technology can complete repetitive orders faster, more accurately and cheaper. Sign up to be notified when this feature is available in your area.

Curated Products: We have curated products that we believe are the highest quality in their price range and eliminate the need to sort through a vast number of brands, simplifying your supplies ordering.

We try and limit each product to three brand options, low, medium or high priced. Indicated by the "Price Point in Category," you can tell where the product fits. Options include,

  • Price Point in Category: Low
  • Price Point in Category: Medium
  • Price Point in Category: High

By doing this, you can know where this product fits in comparison to similar products.

Back Room: The Back Room is where you will find additional products outside of our standard Curated Products, manufacturer discounts, close-to-expired and open-box products. Having the Back Room allows our main store to be clean, simple and organized.

Consolidated Ordering: If we don't offer the brand, style or variation of product you are looking for, we will order it in on your behalf and automate the reordering. This allows you to reduce the number of suppliers you need to go through, simplifying and automating your ordering.

Price Matching: We will match any Health Canada registered dental supply distributor's pricing to give you confidence that you are not being overcharged.