Alginate Alternative | Alterna Fast Set | Mark3 (8 x 50 or 2 x 380ml)

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Package Contents:

  • 2 x 380ml Cartridges
  • 8 x 50ml Cartridges

Manufacturer: Mark3

Country of Origin: USA

Product Description:

Alterna Alginate Alternative from MARK3 is an extremely versatile, preliminary VPS impression material, suitable for all alginate applications. Conveniently dispensed in 50ml cartridges, eliminating the need for hand mixing traditional alginate. Due to the superior dimensional stability and high distortion resistance, impressions can be poured multiple times with consistent accuracy. This new innovative medium bodied impression material combines the assets of traditional VPS materials such as exceptional detail reproduction, superb elastic recovery and long dimensional stability.

Indications - preliminary impressions, anatomic models, fabricating temporary crowns and bridges, opposing dentition, fabricating simple removable prosthetic restorations, orthodontic work & case study models.