Sealant | Clinpro | 3M (1.2ml)

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Package Contents: 1.2ml syringe and 10 tips

Manufacturer: 3M

Country of Origin: USA

Product Description: 

  • Clinpro Sealant Refill Syringe 1.2mL Pkg Ea by 3M ESPE sealant goes on pink for easy-to-use application, and cures to a natural white.
  • Applied with our convenient ultra-fine syringe tip, its low viscosity formula flows easily into pits and fissures.
  • Unique colour change technology making it easier to apply and verify
  • Light cured, low viscosity resin-pit and fissure sealant for easy flow
  • Direct application via ultra-fine syringe tip
  • Contains and releases fluoride
  • Convenient delivery for easy application