Nitrous Oxide Nasal Mask | Clearview C02 Capnography Single Use | Accutron (12/box)

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Package Contents: 12/box

Manufacturer: Accutron

 Country of Origin: USA

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  • ClearView™ CO2 Single-Use Nasal Mask and Capnography Adapter Bundles are used with ClearView™ CO2 scavenging circuits to monitor end-tidal CO2.
  • Female Luer-Lok® port connects securely to sample line
  • Soft inner mask for improved seal and patient comfort
  • Clear outer mask allows visual monitoring of patient breathing
  • Mask-in-mask design minimizes ambient nitrous oxide
  • Low mask profile offers better viewing of and access to patient’s mouth
  • Adapter can be attached on either the right or left side of the mask
  • Individually wrapped for efficiency and reduced cross-contamination
  • Not made with natural rubber latex