Nitrous Oxide Nasal Mask | Axess Single Use Disposable - Low Profile Medium Unscented | Accutron (24/box)

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Price Point in Category: Medium

Price per Mask: $10.63

Package Contents: 24/box

Manufacturer: Accutron

 Country of Origin: USA

Product Description: 

  • Low profile – offers better visibility and easier access to patient's mouth
  • Single-Use – minimizes cross-contamination; saves staff time
  • Translucent colors and clear unscented mask – shows patient properly breathing through their nose and mask fogs upon exhalation
  • Unscented for scent-sensitive patients – engages patient in mask selection
  • Contoured design around mask – provides a good seal minimizing ambient nitrous oxide and gas flow into patient's eyes
  • No cannula protruding into patient nostril and no tape needed – the nasal mask fits comfortably and snug
  • Slender, lightweight scavenging circuit tubing on the circuit – with patient movement diminishing mask displacement; allows an unobstructed view of the oral cavity (purchase Axess scavenging circuit separately)