Endodontic Irrigation Syringe and/or Needle | 3D Dental (100/box)

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  • 23ga Half Cut Needle & Syringe: $0.70
  • 23ga Side Vent Needle & Syringe: $0.70
  • 27ga Needle Only: $0.35
  • 27ga Half Cut Needle & Syringe: $0.70
  • 27ga Side Vent Needle & Syringe: $0.70
  • 30ga Needle Only: $0.35
  • 30ga Half Cut Needle & Syringe: $0.70

Package Contents: 100 per box

Manufacturer: 3D Dental

Country of Origin: USA

Product Description:  

  • 3D Dental’s Endo Irrigation Syringes and Needles are available in 3cc syringes with color coded.  The Needles are configured with either Single Side Vent or Half Cut. Featuring a sophisticated Luer Lock, Luer Hub and rounded and notched tips accordingly to protect tooth structure.
  • These needles are uniquely suitable for gentle and effective application in root canal procedures and periodontal pockets. The small diameter and flexibility of the needles ensure patient comfort and accessibility to navigate narrow and curved canals.