Packable Composite | Filtek Z250 Capsules (0.2gm) | 3M (20 x 0.2g)

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Package Contents: 20 x 0.2g carpules

Manufacturer: 3M

Country of Origin: USA

Product Description: 

  • Filtek Z250 has remarkable wear resistance, excellent fracture toughness and overall strength mean you can be confident of long-lasting restorations.
  • Excellent handling characteristics defined by dentists for easy use:
  • Filtke Z-250 offers outstanding resistance to slumping to allow for easy occlusal contouring prior to curing, flow and viscosity suitable for all restorations, and its acceptable stickiness saves time struggling with pull backs.
  • Filtek's Fast placement technique saves time: it takes only 20 seconds to cure an increment of 2.5mm for all shades except UD, C4 and B0.5 which require a 30-second cure for a 2mm increment.
  • The next generation in lifelike results with a smaller average particle size than other products.