Finishing & Polishing | Cups, Discs, Points or Intro Kit | Mark3 (30/box)

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Package Contents:

  • Cups, discs or points: 30/box
  • Intro kit: 10 disks, 10 cups and 10 points

Manufacturer: Mark3

Country of Origin: USA

Product Description:

  • 1-step step polishing system designed to provide an outstanding polished surface on all direct-resin restoratives, including advanced nano composites
  • Unique silicone rubber, impregnated with aluminum oxide particles
  • Delivers perfect control to reduce surface roughness & bacterial retention
  • Available in 3 shapes to enable access to interproximal and occulsal surfaces
  • Reinforced mandrel allows for optimal concentric torque
  • a very cost-efficient single-step polishing system
  • 100% Latex Free