Liner & Base | ProBase Powder/Liquid Kit - Light Cure | Silmet (16g/12ml)

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Package Contents:  16g Powder/12ml Liquid

Manufacturer: Silmet 

Country of Origin: Israel

Product Description: 

  • ProBase is a light cure, reinforced glass ionomer liner/base that is designed for use as a luting/lining cement. ProBase™ is the perfect liner/base solution to help protect dentin.

Physical Properties

  • Based on its excellent adhesion qualities, ProBase™ can be used under any kind of restorative material.
  • ProBase™ exhibits high radiopacity, high strength and snap set.

Recommended setting time: 20sec
Depth of cure: 4mm
Compression strength: 110 MPa
Diametral Tensile Strength: 20 MPa
Flexural Strength: 44 MPa
Adhesion to conditioned dentin: 8MPa