Implant Cement | Automix Syringe | Premier (5ml)

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Package Contents: 1 x 5ml syringe + 10 automix tips

Manufacturer: Premier Dental

Country of Origin: United States

Product Description: 

  • Premier® Implant Cement™ is a tough elastomeric resin that flexes under force, absorbs shock and resists breaking down under daily occlusal stresses. The innovative formula creates a tight marginal seal and will not wash out.
  • Secure Retention: Strength and durability of resin cements for long lasting hold.
  • Retrievable: Mechanical retention only – not chemical – allows future restoration removal for retreatment or adjustments.
  • No Fluoride: Non-fluoride formulation safe for all alloys including titanium.Tight marginal seal protects implant from potentially corrosive high fluoride environments.1
  • Easy to Use: No adhesives or primers. Package comes complete with auto mix syringe and mix tips.