Cement | Implant Cement Plus - White | Premier (5 ml)

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Package Contents: 5ml Syringe & 10 Mix Tips

Manufacturer: Premier Dental

Country of Origin: United States

Product Description: 

  • Premier® Implant Cement Plus, is perfect for implant crown cementation. The elastomeric cement flexes under force, absorbs shock and creates a tight marginal seal. You’ll appreciate the predictable and easy application with no etch, primer or bonding agent required. Premier Implant Cement Plus comes in two shades and delivers unsurpassed radiopacity–enabling clear visibility on radiographs so you can help deliver better patient outcomes.
  • Working Time: 1.5 Minutes at room Temperature
  • Gel-phase: 2-2.5 minutes at 98°F (37°C)
  • Setting Time: 4-5 minutes at 98°F (37°C) from the start of the mix
  • Film Thickness: 15 µm