Liner | Lime-Lite Enhanced Light Cure Cavity Liner | PulpDent (1.2 or 3 ml)

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  • Kit: $11.25
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Package Contents: 

  • Syringe Kit: 4 x 1.2mL/2 gm syringes + 20 applicator tips
  • Refill Syringe: 3mL/5 gm syringe +20 applicator tips

Manufacturer: PulpDent

Country of Origin: United States

Product Description: 

Specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites and conventional restorative materials.Releases favorable calcium, hydroxyl, fluoride and phosphate ions. These are known to be beneficial to tooth structure, to stimulate secondary dentin formation and to have cariostatic properties.

  • Light Cure base/liner, sets extremely hard
  • Chemically bonds to adhesives and composites
  • Calcium and hydroxyl ions provide benefits of  calcium hydroxide     
  • Stimulates secondary dentin formation
  • Insoluable in water and oral fluids
  • Convenient syringe dispensing