Calcium Hydroxide | Multi-Cal Syringe | PulpDent (4 x 1.2ml)

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Package Contents: 4 x 1.2 mL syringes + 8 applicator tips

Manufacturer: PulpDent

Country of Origin: United States

Product Description: 

Multi-Cal is a smooth, creamy calcium hydroxide preparation recommended for all clinical applications where calcium hydroxide is indicated.

  • Temporary and Intermediate Root Canal Therapy
  • Direct Pulp Capping, Pulpal Curettage, Pulpotomy
  • Dentin Bridge Formation
  • Cavity Lining and Indirect Pulp Capping
  • Antibacterial intracanal dressing between office visits
  • Disinfects Canals
  • Quiets “Hot Teeth”
  • Promotes Periapical Healing
  • Treats Traumatic Injuries
  • Stimulates Apexification