IV Catheter | Saf-T-Intima Y-Adapter - Sterile | BD Canada (25/box)

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Price Point in Category: Medium

Price Per Catheter: $6.00

Package Contents: 25/box

Manufacturer: BD Canada Inc

Country of Origin: Canada

Product Description: 

BD Saf-T-Intima™ is:

  • Covered – Following catheter insertion, the needle is withdrawn and automatically covered in a unique telescoping safety chamber.
  • Closed – The multipurpose design features an integral extension set with a slide clamp and unique Y adapter that can give you the closed system you want in peripheral venous access (Y adapter available on select catalog #'s).
  • Complete – Combines needlestick protection with a virtually bloodless start for unrivaled safety in IV therapy. The removable PRN lets you connect your choice of needleless injection devices or infusion lines to either the port or on the Y adapter (Y adapter available on select catalog #'s).
  • This IV Catheter has wings