VPS Impression Material | SmartSil | SEIL (4 or 8 x 50ml)

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  • Tray (Medium/Heavy Body): $0.23
  • Light Body: $0.23

Package Contents: 

  • Light Body: 4 x 50ml Cartridge + 12 Yellow Mixing Tips + 4 Yellow Intraoral Tips
  • Tray (Medium/Regular/Heavy Body): 8 x 50ml Cartridge + 20 Green Mixing Tips

Manufacturer: SEIL Global

Country of Origin: South Korea

Product Description: 

Light Body:

  • Working Time : 2 min / Setting Time : 3 min 30 sec
  • Minimal flow down on the upper and prep, and good for detailed reproduction through momentary flowability (especially, in-lay)
  • Very stable without tear phenomenon after setting because of proper intensity
  • Impression with ease, flow out smoothly
  • Less bubbles through equal mixing

Tray (Medium/Heavy Body): 

  • Working Time : 2min / Setting Time : 3 min 30 sec
  • Optimum viscosity, Stable impression with LV or XLV
  • No flowing at stop and under the pressure, momentary flowability can make impression even antagonistic teeth at once 
  • High intensity after setting
  • Excellent detail reproduction through appropriate flowability
  • Excellent compatibility with any of light body
  • Cartridge (gun) type is mixed very equally
  • Tube type can save loss than any other type and reasonable price for volume
  • In summer, can be secured enough working time
  • In winter, very stable due to maintaining quick hardening time