Disinfectant Wipes | PREempt Hydrogen Peroxide (6"x7") | Contec (160/container)

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Package Contents: 160/container

Manufacturer: Contec

Country of Origin: Canada

Product Description: 

  • One step disinfectant wipes utilizing accelerated hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient
  • For disinfection and cleaning of work stations, equipment, and other hard non-porous environmental surfaces.
  • PREempt RTU has a Broad-Spectrum Sanitizing Claim in 30 seconds as well as a Bactericidal and General Virucide and Tuberculocidal 3 minute kill claim.
  • It contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs ) and leaves minimal residues on surfaces once dry.
  • Made of low linting non-woven, meltblown polypropylene wipe material, ensuring even surface coverage and increasing the ability and efficiency of AHP® for fine particle removal.

Compare to Optim-33TB (same active ingredient).