Sutures | Chromic Gut | CP Medical (12/package)

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Manufacturer: CP Medical

Country of Origin: United States

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  • Chromic Gut sutures are absorbable sterile surgical sutures composed of purified connective tissue (mostly collagen) derived from the serosal layer of beef (bovine) or the submucosal fibrous layer of sheep (ovine) intestines.
  • Packaged in a solution of 90% isopropanol, 0.5% sodium benzoate, 0.5% diethylethanolamine, and water q.s. ad 100%. Chromic Gut is treated with a chromic salt solution.
  • The manufacturing of catgut raw material, consisting of long ribbons of highly selected serosal tissue, ensures:
    • Purity of collagen for optimal tensile strength and in vivo performance.
    • Uniform treatment with a buffered chromium salt solution.
    • Surface smoothness to facilitate knot run-down and knot strength
  • Absorption of Chromic Gut sutures occurs by an enzymatic process similar to the digestion of an animal protein by the body. Being enzymatic, the process is subject to different influencing factors (see above) and it is virtually impossible to indicate the exact designation of a consistent absorption time.
  • Color: Beige
  • CP Medical is a leading manufacturer of surgical solutions, specializing in products for wound closure and specialty surgical applications in the medical and veterinary markets.

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