Bite Registration Tray | T-Loc Triple Tray | Premier (22-35/box)

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Price per Tray

  • Posterior: $1.57
  • Anterior: $1.96
  • 3/4 Arch: $2.50

Package Contents: 

  • Posterior: 35/box
  • Anterior: 28/box
  • 3/4 Arch: 22/box

Manufacturer: Premier Dental

Country of Origin: United States

Product Description:

  •  T-Loc™ Triple Tray® is an adhesive-free dual-arch impression tray that simultaneously captures master impression, counter and bite registration.
  • Patented adhesive-free design
  • Large, ergonomic handles simplify loading of the tray
  • Greater rigidity in posterior
  • Thin, loose webbing maximizes intercuspation of the teeth and exhibits least water sorption and thinnest occlusal wafer to ensure an accurate bite
  • Low sides, thin posterior bar and wide impression areas ensure accuracy and saves time