Fluoride | Enamel Pro Varnish (Bubble gum) | Premier (35 x 0.4ml)

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Package Contents: 35 x 0.4ml/box

Manufacturer: Premier Dental

Country of Origin: United States

Product Description: 

  • 5% sodium fluoride varnish
  • 35 (0.4 ml) single unit doses, applicator brush, 1 set post-application patient care instructions and directions for use Enamel Pro Varnish is a brush on fluoride treatment that re-mineralizes enamel and dentin. 
  • Delivers amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP)
  • Gluten free
  • ACP and fluoride provide semi-permanent occlusion with fluorapatite
  • Easy-to-use single-unit doses with applicator brush